Thursday, April 26, 2012


In my last post I had said that I would explain what Teru teru bozu are. They're traditional dolls that Japanese farmers would hang out their windows because they believed Teru teru bozu brought good weather and sent the rain away. They were usually made out of paper or cloth. I crocheted a Teru teru bozu amigurumi ( from my original pattern of course). It was a lot of fun and I'm now in the middle of making a second one. They kind of resemble little white ghosts but they aren't, they're Teru teru bozu!

I have had such a busy week!
I had both interviews with my Elementary school mentor teachers for next year when I am a student teacher in the Multiple Subjects teaching credential program. I also had a language development presentation. All of which went fine and I'm happy they're now in the past and I am that much closer to graduating and being in the cred program. Tomorrow I'm volunteering with my kindergarten literacy partners at two different times in the day and then observing in my fall placement for the teaching credential program for a couple hours in between. Happy it's Thursday! 

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