Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yarn type

It has been quite the adventure figuring out what type of yarn is best for making amigurumi and in particular what I like using best for making ami's. So far I can't decide. I really like Lana Loft 100 % wool worsted weight yarn. It's a little hard to find though so I branched out to Lamb's Pride worsted weight ( from the same Brand; Brownsheep). It is a wool mohair blend yarn. I thought I liked it for a bit so I bought a few skeins.But then things seemed to be a bit lumpy and fuzzy so... A little while ago I came upon some cheap Red Heart acrylic worsted weight yarn and it worked wonderfully. I started realizing maybe spending more money isn't necessary. But now I'm sort of wondering about the Red Heart as well... any suggestions?

I can't wait for my safety eyes to come in the mail!

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